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What are YOU reading?

on November 13, 2009

OK, readers and blogger’s alike, we have one copy of Sarah Waters’s Little Stranger to give away.

All you need to do is comment to be entered into the draw. The closing date is 30 November 2009, so there is still time to get those comments in… and…

We are wondering what you are reading? What books are sitting on your nightstand, piled next to your bed, in your bookshelf, waiting to be devoured? Do tell us. What books did you take out at book club?What book/s did you purchase this month?

Come on, spill it, tell us what you are reading, we are waiting patiently..

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9 Responses to “What are YOU reading?”

  1. Cultivating Flavour – Kitchen Gardening for kindred spirits, by Toni B. Walters.

    I’m also re-reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

  2. paige says:

    i made myself promise promise promise that when i went into the book lounge today to pick up a gift i had ordered, that i wouldn’t buy any books for myself.
    i ended up buying myself – a heartbreaking work of stagering genius by dave eggers.
    at least i tried.
    need to finish reluctant passenger (michiel heyns) that i won here on the book club blog then onto this.

  3. Justin says:

    I just finished the Twilight Vampire series. It’s so trashy – I recommend it to everyone.
    Now I’m on to “The End of Mr Y.” by Scarlett Thomas – and then I think should face reality again and read something non-fictional and local. Riaan Venter’s Die Nutsman sounds like a good reset button.

  4. @Justin – I enjoyed the Twilight series too:-)

  5. Justin, are you enjoying ‘The End of Mr Y’? I thoroughly enjoyed it! In fact, I have loved all of her books.
    Paige, I also enjoyed the Dave Eggers book, but must say havent managed to read his others yet.

  6. liquid pixel says:

    Twilight series is a hoot – loved it. Just got the 2nd in the Stieg Larsson trilogy from book club after LOVING the first book. Read somewhere that the last in the trilogy is the best yet, so I’m holding my breath. Also really excited about South African authors (being one myself) right now, so I bought a Michiel Heyns (he’s an ex-lecturer of mine so HAD to give it a go) and 2 Margie Orfords for my book club yesterday.

  7. Yip, I read the Twilight series aswell and have to say it was entertaining. As for Stieg Larsson, havent read any of them. Love Michiel Heyns books! Which one did you get? I have recently finished Bodies Politic (i really must do a review..) and enjoyed it. Not heard of Margie Orford, what as she written?

  8. liquid pixel says:

    I got his very first one – The Childrens Day. It’s weird…been years since I was in his lectures, but I can picture him like it was yesterday. Stieg Larsson trilogy has a very interesting story behind it: the writer finished the 3 books in his trilogy & before they were published he died of a heart attack at the age of 50. The trilogy has been a massive success – apparently the movie of the first is either out or due out soon. Highly recommended as a gripping read. As I said, only just got my paws on the 2nd one, but already plotting how to get the 3rd!

  9. liquid pixel says:

    Oh, & Margie Orford is a local writer, getting good reviews. Seems to write crime / thriller type books with a particular SA flavour. From what I can find out she’s written 3 so far: Daddy’s Girl; Like Clockwork; & Blood Rose. Check it out:

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