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Two in One

on October 11, 2020

In case you hadn’t noticed by my reading habits that I am inclined to genre hop. I am not bound by style, age or creed. If the concept, or story line intrigues me, I read it. The more interesting and unique the better but what I particularly love, is some homegrown fiction.

We have a range of superb South African authors in our midst and, I believe, more coming out of the woodwork than ever before.  I have been lucky enough to have been asked to review a couple of books over the last few months, and while my reviewing has been a little slow, my reading has been on track. So, without further ado, the last two SA fiction books I have read and my honest opinions:

When I lost me – Claire Lagerwall

A self published author, Claire has written a Christian Fiction novel based in Italy and The Eastern Cape. Two such vastly different parts of the world which lends a beautiful contrast to the characters lives. Catherine, disillusioned with God after a battle to conceive, feeling lost and hopeless she leaves Sicily and boards an aeroplane to South Africa. Rebecca and Nathaniel are farmers in the Eastern Cape of South Africa when one day a mysterious threat shrouded in suspicion forces them to confront the truth of their farm land.

This book was a fast paced, edge of your seat quick and easy read with relevant conversational topics and I really enjoyed it. Would I recommend it? Yes. One thing which I did notice about this book is that is written in such a way that any nationality could read this book and not be intimidated  by the the subject matter, or setting. It is a beautifully written stand alone novel.

Fancy giving it a read? Head on over here to purchase yourself a copy. Remember books make good gifts too.

{Photo courtesy of Claire’s FB page}

Next up:

Libertalia – Mel Lewis

Quest for Land

Lost Fortunes

The End of an Era

The Libertalia Trilogy is a South African middle grade/young adult novel whose covers I adore!  The series has Africa in its pages, reminiscent of Miranda Sherry’s Black Dog Summer(highly recommended if you haven’t read it yet) but for the younger reader.

The story is set in a boarding school in the Eastern Cape and follows the story of 4 teenagers, Karabo, Willian, Mzi and Isla. I found the portrayal to be an apt description of of the diversity of friendships in a South African school, showing differences between cultures in a sensitive manner, yet also their similarities. It was true to life, and while this may only be me, I adore stories about The Ancestors Call, and Sangomas. I love how the author shows the the difficulty Karabo feels when she discovers she has been called to this life, how to place it into her ‘normal’ life and how through the books she matures and makes peace with her destiny.

The last book was my favourite as over the series the characters mature, and you can see them growing, making peace with their differences while keeping their friendship bonds strong. This series is an easy to read, fast paced and uniquely South African adventure series.

Thank you to both authors for the opportunity to read and review their books. I am honoured to have read them. Your voices are loud and proud. May there be many more books to come.

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