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Sweet as candy

I vaguely remember seeing this book at Exclusive Books, and then I found it last week at the library and seeing as though I am a fan of chick lit books it headed home with me.

Saturday afternoon rolled around and with my daughter sleeping I had some spare time and decided to read, but, (and if you read my last post you will know) I am reading Cloud Atlas at the moment – a new to me author- and it was a at a rather hairy part of just being a little difficult to read and I really didn’t feel like concentrating on a different time dialect. So, I picked this up for some light relief.

And I loved it! The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen is magical. Light and fluffy but with a little bit of substance, pretty much like a freshly baked chocolate brownie;-)

This novel is about friendship, love, what we do to not love and the possibilities of a new day. There is a small twist at the end, which one does suspect closer to the end of the book but if you are a very perceptive reader, you could pick it up earlier and just adds to the magical dimension of this story. Not too much that it doesn’t feel real though.

I read it in about 3/4 a day (luckily the man was on hand to play¬† football with the little one…) and if you are looking for something easy to read but that definitely has a feel good vibe, read this:-)

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Christmas is coming

And what better time to read Christmas themed books?

christmas+mysteryThe Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder -(of ‘Sophie’s World’ fame) is one of my favourite Christmas books.

Jostein Gaarder weaves a magical tale with his story of Joachim. Joachin buys a magic advent calender on November 30th and every day, a piece of paper falls out of the door of the calendar. Each page tells the story of Elisabet Hansen, who chases a toy lamb that has come to life from an Oslo department store. While chasing the lamb, she meets the angel Epiriel; the shepherds Joshua and Jacob; Caspar, the King of the Orient; and the cherub Impuriel.

This is a perfect book to read at the beginning of December as the lead up to Christmas is happening just as it is in the book. Jostein Gaarder has a delightful way with words and story telling and with some philosophical musings at the same time. it is a mystery about Christmas, and purely delicious.

(I have read all his books, enjoyed them all and will definitely be giving this book a reread this coming Christmas.)

Do you have any favourite Christmas books to share with us?

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Its a Magical World

The beginning of Spring means the sunshine and flowers come out to play. Not quite Summer so the intense heat has not hit just yet, which means its the perfect time to indulge in some light hearted reading.

Reading which reminds us why we are alive and brings smiles and giggles to the face. Reading which relates to that which is true. Reading for pure pleasure’s sake. Its the lighter side of life as we know it, though some of the realities of the less lighter side come out too.

So, to celebrate Spring, I present to you, our loyal readers, The Best Cartoon Books, taken from the library of Imsonotablogger:


calvinThis is one of my favourite strips by Bill Waterson. And if we can imagine dancing to classical music at 78rpm at 1 in the morning, then that should be sure enough to bring a smile to our faces!

Here is a list of the books that I own and have read and can vouch for each of them bringing something magical to your day. You know that feeling of, ‘Just don’t have the energy to do anything’ well, this certainly perks up the spirit and sends those frown lines on a bit of a holiday.

Yukon Ho!

Sunday Pages 1985 -1995

The Calvin and Hobbes 10th Anniversary Book

Its a Magical World

The Days are Just Packed

Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat

The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes

the Essential Calvin and Hobbes

the Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes

Take your pick and Happy Reading!

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