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Christmas Wish Lists

So 2016 is coming to an end….Did you have a good reading year?

This year I decided not to challenge myself to a certain number of books read as last year, I challenged myself to 100, and even though I made it, I found that I was just reading to make up my 100 instead of enjoying the process of reading, pondering and then finding a new book to read. Sometimes I like to stay in the world of the characters that I have just left without launching straight into the covers of another book. One book this year, which stayed with me was Station 11,  and even now I find myself pondering the characters and the story line.

But according to Goodreads this year I have read 49 books, 16000 pages, half of last year, and  I don’t feel too much loss at having only managed 50 books ( I will have read at least 2 or 3 more by the end of December….)

But this post is meant to be about books I want not what I have read, I will do another post later on with some of my best reads for 2016. There were some goodies…

Here are my top 3 books on my wish list, have you read them?


Fantastic Beasts and where to find them – the screenplay – JK Rowling. (Need to take myself to watch the movie sooooon!)


Holding up the universe – Jennifer Niven. ( I LOVED All the Bright Places, seriously if you haven’t read it, please do. Drop everything else and just read it)


And every morning the way home gets longer and longer – Fredrik Backman. Adore this authors novels!

What is on your list this year? Let us know in the comments!


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My Christmas Wish List


I really want to read this book!


The latest Murakami


For my guilty pleasure reading

The only in this series I haven’t read yet. (and the I can pass it on to my brother as he is reading the series too!)

Updated to add:

Can’t believe I forgot to put this on my list!!!

Oh and this:

I really enjoyed a short history of nearly everything and this one is just up my alley!

What’s on your wish list for this year?

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My Christmas Book Wish List

There always seems to be a book that needs to be read but for some reason, doesnt. Finances and time being two of the major obstacles. For this reason, I love Christmas and my birthday because I can always request a book as a gift. Saying that, I love receiving a book as a gift at any time throughout the year! So, without further ado I give you my book wish list:


The Childrens Book by AS Byatt. This has been on my ‘want to read’ list ever since it came out.




Cook in Boots – I love the name of this cook book and would love to add it to my collection.

Further adventures of the family at One End street and Holiday at The Dew Drop Inn by Eve Garnett. I read these while growing up and still today I can read them regularly. Though trying to find them is another story entirely!

Please excuse the rather misplaced book pictures and random word placing, but wordpress would not play along with me tonight…

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