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The Book Butterfly

What is it?

The newest in South African book services, the book butterfly allows for hands free reading. Oftentimes, a product will arrive on the market which in theory sounds great, but in practise, leaves rather much to be desired.  I was emailed a rather amusing letter from the creator of the Bookbutterfly, asking if I would like to try one out. I am all for trying new things, especially if it has anything to do with books, and considering that my 10 (almost 11) year old daughter Loves all gadget type products, I knew that even if it didn’t work for me, she would love it. So, I said yes, send me one, let us give it a go.

Well, what a hit. From the moment it arrived (in the school holidays so my daughter was here when the parcel arrived), until now, it has been extremely well used.  She loves it. At bedtime, she supports her book in the holder, rests it on her pillow at just the right angle to allow a side lying position, at lunchtime, she has her book in front of her and hands free for eating. She loved setting it up, and the fact that it comes with a little light to assist in night time reading was just the best.

I have managed to pry it away from her bedside, once her lights are out, quietly sneaking into her room to take it and use if for my own bed time reading. It is fabulous if you have weak wrists and holding heavy books is not an option. It has been cleverly designed to allow ease of turning pages, clear little wings which hold the book open but do not interfere with the printed word and, if you choose the book light option, you have an extendable lamp to read by in the dark.

I thought the cutest thing was that the Book Butterfly is designed to look like a butterfly, and I do believe you even have the option of choosing your own wing colours.

I think this is a great invention for anyone who loves to read. And children who love gadgets. It is a functioning product which I know we will get much use out of. For cook book enthusiasts who utilise recipe books, it will also be a great help in keeping the page open where you need it, and out of the way to avoid getting sauce splatters on your immaculate pages…;-)

A proudly South African product, you can contact Trevor or you can find your own here.

Happy Reading!


A Reader’s Sabbatical

I am a Pilates teacher and Massage teacher by profession.

I aim to keep my knowledge of the body on point, on track and up to date by doing various courses, both online and in real life. In between that I work, I write, I mother, I drive my little person to her favoured extra murals, and then come bed time, I want to forget about the real stuff and dive into a fantasy land of someone else’s creation. Even if it is only for 5 minutes before my eyes slide shut.

But a couple of days ago, while massaging my clients particularly tight traps, contemplating how busy life is and do we ever really take the time to rest, and how we abuse our bodies until they say no more, and the connections between mind and body. How the body stores its emotions, how it has a story to share if only we are willing to listen to the words it speaks. If only we could understand what it is trying to say.

Which then brought to mind all the books on my bookshelf on the mind, body, spirit connection that are begging to be read, and re-read and how it would be so truly delicious to be able to take a sabbatical away from work in order to read. Research. Without trying to fit it into life, instead it is life. To find some of the answers that flit through my thoughts on a daily basis. And how great it would be to then pass on that information to souls also wanting the answers, because even though the answers we seek are so personal, they are truly universal too.

So, in the new year, I am going to take a reading sabbatical and read the books on my bookshelf. The universe has a funny way of providing us with exactly what we need at exactly the right time. So, Universe,  Please may I have a month of paid leave to read and research for work.  And then while we are at it, could I have a month off to write too?  I am asking. Out loud. On social media. How can the universe ignore that?
reading nook

photo courtesy of pinterest

I did take a sabbatical at the beginning of this year, which was truly wonderful and well timed. So, I think a yearly sabbatical would do wonders for my soul.

Have you ever taken a reading sabbatical?

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The Underachieving Ovary by JT Lawrence




I received a review copy of this book from cupcake mummy(Thanks!) in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book, it was raw, honest and real and I enjoyed Lawrence’s writing. She really manages to pull you in to her story without much hardship on her part. The story of her infertility and desire for a child is  heartbreaking until finally after much hardship, she is blessed with pregnancy and new life.

This is not a usual subject for me, as I have never had infertility issues, I have no idea how it must feel to desire a child so much that nothing and no one can stand in your way to conceive. I know of people who have, I have ready some books about it, but it can never make me understand to what extent these feelings can crowd a person out and fill one with despair. I thank Lawrence and Albertyn(So Close) for writing their stories, for sharing the heartache, heartsore and yet heartstrong feelings, and words with us so we can have an inkling as to what they went through in order to conceive.

They are strong women.

Read this, it is pretty compelling. Written in journal format, dark humour and TMI in equal parts,  it requires you to read because you really want to know if they succeed in getting pregnant or not. From the back of the book:

Let me put it this way: If Helen Fielding and Marian Keyes were to go through IVF, and use Caitlin Moran as a surrogate, this book would be their baby.

JT Lawrence is South African and has a good few books out, I do believe I will have track down some more and see if they are as good as this one. Check out her website here.





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Lemongrass Hope – a review

Wow! You have to read this book.

I was approached by the author – Amy Impellizzeri – to see if I would be keen to read her book, and I am so very glad I said yes.

Lemongrass Hope is a book about life, about the decisions we think are wrong, about how we can live in the past for ages without even realising it and how one should really take life by the horns and live it. I found that this book resonated with me as I used to wonder quite often wether the choice I had made was the right one, and if there might be something ‘better’ out there, a while ago, I came to the realisation that it is how we face our life, and our decisions that make it. Our attitude to our choices and the decisions and how we approach life. Are we positive? Or do we constantly think that the grass is greener on the other side? I think that if we live in that constant state of wanting something which we don’t have we loose the joy and fundamental truth of living in the now. And I do believe that Amy has managed to pass this sentiment along beautifully.

So, while I am waxing lyrical about a book you haven’t read yet, or possibly even heard about, let me get back to basics and tell you what it is about.

Kate is struggling with family life and love under stress in the here-and-now when her fate is changed with a rather unique idea and she has the chance to change her destiny with the meeting of her soul mate in a different time and place. Her decision will change everything but gives her a chance to ‘go back to her wrong turn’. What does she do? Well, that my dear people, is the story so I won’t tell you here but suffice to say that the idea behind it is unique and really does make you think about your own ‘wrong turns’ and if you would, in fact do it differently.

This is a magical book where realism hits time travel hits love story and I do believe will resonate with a large portion of woman, moms and even those of us struggling to combine what we have with what we thought we would have.

Read it, it is lovely and unique. Amy’s writing pulls you in and just when you least expect it, hands you a twisty turn which suddenly has you engrossed instead of just enjoying and wondering where the story is going, at just the right part!

The book is due out in October 2014, and when its here, I would highly recommend it. Put it on the list for your book club.

If you would like to know more about Amy, you can check out her website here

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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

If you haven’t read this book yet, Do!

This is a beautiful, thought provoking and poignant story of what happens when one day you decide to embrace life. Harold Fry does just that, without really thinking about it all. After receiving a letter in the post from Queeny Hennessy one morning, he writes back and goes to the post box to send it off. Though his journey does not stop there. He carries on walking with the thought that if he walks, then Queeny will live longer. And so starts Harold’s walk to Queeny.

But this story is so much more than that. It is about loss and love and emotions and soldiering on even when ones belief in ones journey begins to wane. It is about support from unlikely places, from unlikely people showing the goodness inherent in most of us. That is not to say that there is not a little bit of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ and basic human flaws showing themselves throughout but done in such a way that you can but only understand.

I loved this novel, I think it is well worth a read and just goes to show that you never know what is just around the corner, how we can be become so mired in our inability to change that one day, one just has to.

Read it, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

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Books for my daughter on her birthday

My little bookworm turns Five today!


 And what would a birthday be without books? 

I found them at the Exclusive Books Sale for a fraction of the full price, which is always a bonus…


YUMMY: My Favourite Nursery Stories


LETTICE – The Birthday Party


Guess what we will be doing at bedtime!

And don’t forget you can still enter our give away here! It really is an Awesome book and I recommend any one who lives in SA to read it. Leaving a comment automatically enters you into the give away!






The Earth Hums in B Flat – Mari Strachan

I bought this book with my Christmas Book Voucher from Exclusive Books. I loved the name of the book and after reading the first page, I was hooked.

Gwenni Morgan is not like any other girl in this small Welsh town. Inquisitive, bookish and full of spirit, she can fly in her sleep and loves playing detective. So when a neighbour mysteriously vanishes, and no one seems to be asking the right questions, Gwenni decides to conduct her own investigation. Mari Strachan’s unforgettable novel was one of the most acclaimed and successful debuts of 2009. It is a heart-breaking and hugely enjoyable story.

Heart breaking is an under statement. At times in this novel, I felt like my heart was being squeezed when reading how Gwenni’s mother treated her, it all comes to a fore at the end of the story and sort of makes sense, but as a mother myself, there were times when I wanted to knock some sense into the woman.

Gwenni is a lovely child, a child, full of wonder and what makes a child so very beautiful and innocent and joyful and I loved this character. This is an easy albeit a little of a slow read, but I can promise that it is very worth the small amount of effort that you may require to get started.

Have you read it?

Do you agree with my thoughts?

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Wool – a review of sorts

Wool by Hugh Howey is a thoroughly intriguing read! I loved it, and read it in two days, luckily it was weekend, so had some reading time to devote to it.  The story behind the author and the book is here.

Please read it, interesting and though provoking, especially if you have read the novel.

If not, Do! If I had known it was classified as ‘sci fi’ I probably wouldn’t of picked it up, but it is way more than ‘sci fi’, it is a post apocalyptic novel with echos of our present and truly unputdownable. My words will not be able to do it justice.

Suffice to say, the next instalment is due out soon and looks like even a movie in the future! One, I have to admit to wanting to watch if and when it does!

Have you read it?

If so, what did you think? 

Are you as taken with it as I am or not really?

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A Monday Give Away

Fancy something free on a Monday? Just to get your week off to a great start? Well, here is your chance!

The Book Club Blog has one copy of The Angina Monologues by Rosamund Kendal to give away to one lucky South African reader. If you read The Karma Suture then you Must read this:

In The Angina Monologues three female medical interns from vastly different backgrounds are sent to a rural KZN hospital where gang assassinations and rogue snakes are facts of life and AIDS simply does not exist.

Pampered, spoilt Rachel struggles to establish her independence and learns to love across the cultural divide. Conservative, beautiful Seema struggles to end a relationship that has become increasingly abusive. And street-savvy Nomsa finally learns to accept a past she has spent a lifetime denying.

This is the story of three women finding courage, love and compassion in the most unlikely places. Like its bestselling predecessor,The Karma Suture, The Angina Monologues brings readers face to face with what it takes to be woman doctor in the New South Africa without losing your soul.

What do you need to do to win yourself your very own copy?

*  Leave us a comment saying hi!

* Tweet about it @thebookclubblog and follow us on twitter (just click on the twitter button and the top of the home page) (+1)

*  Like us on Facebook and Facebook the giveaway (+1)

Easy Peasy as my daughter would say!

Give away ends on Monday 18th March. Your book will be posted to you so please make sure you have a valid postal address.

Happy Monday!



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Top Ten Books of 2012

This year, I did not keep track of the amount of books I read, I try, but then before I have written down the names, I have taken my books back to the library. I wonder if the library keeps a list of the books that have been checked out on ones card? But I do have a list of the books that I enjoyed this year.

In the no 1 spot:

1.The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake – Aimee Bender

This book was my absolute favorite! The writing is beautiful, you can taste the words, and I think if you read one book, this one is it.

2.  Shades – Marguerite Poland

A new to me SA author, read my review here. This book came a very close second to my first choice.

3.  Divergent – Veronika Roth

I read this four days ago and Loved it! Yesterday I went and bought Invergent and looking forward to getting stuck into it. If you like The Hunger Games, then you will enjoy this.

4.  The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

It took me a while to read this series as I wasn’t taken in with the hype. Eventually, I picked it up… and could not put them down! I haven’t watched the movies though.

5.  The Abhorsen Trilogy – Garth Nix

Loved this series! Check out my review here

6.  The Spud Series- John van de Ruit

If you have not yet picked up this series, do! Go here to see my review.

7.  Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend – Matthew Dicks

I gave this away on one of the Literary Blog Hops  I thought it was that good!

8.  Honeymoon with my brother – Franz Wisner

Review is over here

9.  Fifty is not a four letter word – Linda Kelsey

This was a beautiful book about a woman who reaches fifty and realises a whole whack of truths. Read it if you dare…

10. Eating with Angels – Sarah- Kate Lynch

A lovely story about  food, about second chances, about parents and children, about New York and Venice, and about love, more delicious than any four star meal…

Go on, tell us in the comments what you favourite reads of 2012 were…

(I am looking forward to another year of reading…!)