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Marian Keyes


Those of you who know me (IRL) will know that Marian Keyes is, without a doubt, my all-time favourite/go to/best  author.

Now many of you reading this will poo poo this statement – after all, how can The Queen of Chick-Lit qualify as best author?  Because, although she writes chick-lit, she delves into subjects that many of us have never had any experience with.  Drug addiction, divorce, depression, emigration and losing a loved one to name but a few.  She handles these topics with such tenderness and insight, yet at the same time will never fail in bringing a good old chuckle, never mind smile to oneself, when you identify with her writing.

So today, when I heard the news, I was so immediately saddened.  Apparently Marian is suffering from severe depression, and at this stage just does not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  She has sprialled so low that she has no will to do anything.

If you’ve ever suffered, even mildly, from depression, you will have an acute understanding of what she is going through.  To be where she is now is a place I would not want my enemy to be.

Pop over to her website to read her newsletter to her readers.

And perhaps leave a word or two of upliftment for her.


Book Review – This Charming Man by Marian Keyes

This review was submitted by Laura – thank you!

This Charming Man

“This book may, so far, be my best Marian Keyes book yet and I have read a lot of her books.

The story is told in the voices of the 4 main characters. Grace – a headstrong journalist who knows what she wants. Marnie – Grace’s flaky, insecure twin sister. Lola – a purple haired stylist who is trying to deal with the news her boyfriend is marrying someone else. Alicia – the elusive women who is marrying Lola’s boyfriend.

These four women are unknowingly tied together by one man – a man who has literally left marks on all their lives that will stay with them all for a lifetime.

This book touched me deeply and I was unable to get out of bed for an entire day (true story) because I had to know what happened. I identified with each of these four women. Graces determination, Marnie’s insecurity and Alicia’s utter dedication to a man she believed she loved. But it was Lola who I felt was, in so many ways, telling my story. Without going into too much detail about what happened to her – I felt her pain at reliving a past she had believed was good. I felt her shame at realising she had let herself down. I felt her triumph when she realised she had moved on. I felt these as if they were my own – because I have felt her exact same shame and triumph.

This is a story about physical abuse. Keyes deals with it subtly yet the message is so very powerful and with every strike you almost want to cower from the pain. It is a story about addictions and how they destroy not only the lives of the one addicted but all those around them. It is a story about love and how when it is real it will conquer all. It is a story about family and the ties that bind siblings. It is a story about friendship and deep unmoving loyalty of true friends.

It was for a hard read. It brought to the service issues I thought I had long past dealt with. It was a good read because I realised I had dealt with the issues but would never truly forget.

There are some things impossible to forget.