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Girl Friday – Jane Green

on October 2, 2009

girl friday

Jane Green’s latest novel, Girl Friday, is in my humble opinion, her best to date.

Known for her ‘chick lit’ with a twist, Jane Green first caught my attention with her novel about love in the midst of books, Bookends. Now for some reason ‘chick lit’ is the one genre of writing that seems to be poo pooed by the general public. Why i’m not sure, as it more often than not provides the perfect means of escape from our everyday lives. Jane Green along with Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Lisa Jewell and Cathy Kelly  have certainly made their names known in the literary world, chick-lit or not.

After reading Bookends, I was completely hooked.  Jane writes novels that reflect the lives of real women dealing with real life tribulations – motherhood, Mother-in-Laws, ex husbands and mid-life crisis.

Girl Friday features Kit, a recently divorced mum of two who is beginning to love her new life and new self as a single woman.  The daily struggles she faces, but also the remarkable friends and support network that she has. Not forgetting her dashing boss, Robert McClore who also happens to be a famous novelist with a secret or two himself.  This is a love story, but with a degree of mystery thrown in.  There is a major twist that had me going till almost the end.  If you skim read – you’ll miss this!

I think what drew me to this novel, was the divorced/single mum aspect.  Going it alone.  Having to get back into the job-market, support a family and never mind start dating again.  I have been there and so identified what Kit was having to deal with.

In a nutshell Girl Friday is a captivating tale about love, friendship, marriage and family.

Her other novels include Jemima J, Spellbound, The Beach House, Babyville, Swapping Lives, The Other Woman, Second Chance and Mr Maybe.

If you’re needing timeout and a novel to simply while away the time, pick up a Jane Green today.  Her writing is described by The Washington Post as ‘smart and complex’, by Entertainment Weekly as ‘unexpectedly honest’ and by USA Today as ‘happy, melancholic and beautifully written’.

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2 Responses to “Girl Friday – Jane Green”

  1. Im so looking forward to reading this:-)

  2. Pereteli says:

    i usually letsin to audio books instead or reading. When i drive, or walk to and from school. The recent book i letsined to was Middlesex , and i recommend it. It has a nice story and a very interesting narration.I read the two books of Khaled Hosseini this way too. One is read by the author which was interesting, and one by a Iranian-afghan woman, which was good too.If anybody knows of any good audiobooks, let me know too, please.

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