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Book Review – Friday Nights by Joanna Trollope

on January 25, 2010

fridaynights Another review from Laura – thanks again!

“They are now putting perfectly nice wine into screw-top bottles and my life is transformed”– Eleanor

This is why I loved this book – because they appreciate the value of screw-top wine bottles.

And for the understanding in this;

“What is it about motherhood that could put marriage in the shade? What is it about oneself that made one still not want motherhood to be the only identifying mark? What was it about money that seemed – seductively – to promise a taunting vision of freedom even within the confines of these relationships” – Karen.

This is a simple tale about friendships – unlikely friendships. It involves two single mothers and as any single mother knows, your friends are usually found in the most unlikely of places because, I think, as a single mother you have to cling to whoever holds their hand out.

An older woman decides to befriend two young single moms, Lindsey and Paula and their children. They meet on Friday nights. They don’t do anything special – it is not a book club or a dinner club – they just meet and chat and enjoy being with each other.

The little circles widens to include two more ladies, Blaise,  a career women and Karen a married mother of 2 little girls. And lets not forget Lindsey’s wayward sister who lives from day to day in a world of her own.

Their Friday Nights become a comfort, a safe place to go. Their friendships deepen and strengthen. But then a man arrives onto the seen and the dynamic is forever changed. Their friendships and loyalties to each other are tested.

This is a great easy read. It deals with the challenges of being married as well as the difficulties of being a single mother. There is a love story or two. There is  story of a sisters love.

More than that though there is a very real story about life that Joanna Trollope writes about with insight only gained through experience.

A lovely book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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