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Book Review – Oscar and the Lady in Pink – Eric Emmanuael Schmitt

on January 10, 2010

Thanks to Laura for a review on what sounds like an awesome little book!

Oscar Lady in PInk

This little book (and it is literally little) is not about to even be considered for any literary awards – it is just a nice little book to have on your book shelf.

It is written in the voice of 10 year old Oscar who is in hospital with a terminal disease. Each day he writes God a letter about what has happened that day. Despite his age, Oscar knows what is happening and he knows he doesn’t have a lot of time so he decides to cram as much as he can into each day.

He has his first kiss and gets married all in 48 hours.

The Pink Lady is Rose. She is an old lady who volunteers at the hospital and she visits Oscar each day and provides him the with comfort and security his family are unable to.

It is a simple little book with a simple message – make the most of your life but the way it is told makes it a sad little story.

For a quick read I would definitely recommend this little book!

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Book Review - Oscar and the Lady in Pink – Eric Emmanuael Schmitt, 7.8 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

One Response to “Book Review – Oscar and the Lady in Pink – Eric Emmanuael Schmitt”

  1. I read this book a little while ago, and it is indeed, just a little book, but delightful, simply put (and read) and makes you realise that children know a whole lot more than they actually let on.
    If you need something small to read, this is it.

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