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Book Review – The Dragon Whisperer by Lucinda Hare

on January 27, 2010

This review was submitted by my eldest daughter (12) who is a complete bookworm and has already made her way through the Inheart Trilogy as well as the Eragon Trilogy.


‘Imagine you could talk to dragons ……’

This book is about a young girl, aged 11, called Quenelda.  She is the daughter of the Earl Rufus De Winter, Commander of the Stealth Dragon Services (SDS).  Quenelda has been riding dragons since she was 3 and her dream is to join the SDS and fight alongside her father in the war against the hobgoblins.

This is a story about danger, tragedy, hope and making sacrifices for others.

It is a truly remarkable book and anyone who enjoys losing themselves in a fantasy novel will love this book.

Thanks Daniella, for your review!

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3 Responses to “Book Review – The Dragon Whisperer by Lucinda Hare”

  1. Lucinda Hare says:

    Hi Daniella,

    Thank your daughter for her review! If she would like to keep up with the Dragonsdome Chronciles and book two: Flight to Dragon Isle, tell her to go to:

    She can get in touch wiht me through the web site.

  2. thank you,will definitely pass on the message.

  3. […] yet  read the review, kindly sent in by Daniella who is 12 – almost 13, you can head on over here to get the lowdown on the book) who, although she is an international author, has lived in Cape […]

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