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Review: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

on May 28, 2010

Many thanks to Gareth for submitting this review (and apologies for the delay in posting it!).

An Oprah-approved hype magnet that, for once, is worth the praise. Edgar Sawtelle is a mute who communicates with his farmer parents and their kennel of renowned, purebred ‘Sawtelle dogs’ by sign language. Being mute, his powers of observation are finely tuned.

He soon suspects visiting uncle Claude has a hidden agenda that no one else can see – but it’s up to Edgar and his exceptionally loyal pack of pups to prove it. Wroblewski’s writing is unfussy and authentic, credible even when ghosts and the inner thoughts of animals are introduced. A must for dog or literature lovers … and a great Cape winter read!

Anyone else read this? I have to admit that i did take it out of Bookclub, but am yet to read – although now I am more tempted.  Thanks Gareth for the review!

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One Response to “Review: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle”

  1. It took me ages to read the book and I have to admit that it is for sure not one of my top books, but still worth the read.

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