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Bean in the Bookshop

on February 8, 2012

Every time Bean and I go to Exclusive books, I look at the new books and Bean says, I’m just going to the children’s books mom, and off she tootles to look at books. I love that she has an interest in them. I love that she enjoys ‘reading’ and I love that she is turning into a little bookworm.


Luckily, they have chairs for the littles to sit on, and hundreds and hundreds of books to look at and enjoy. Inevitably she will want me to buy her something but alas, this can’t be done every time we go, but every now and then, I say Yes, we can buy that book. Or yes, choose a book and we will take it with us.

I think that she thinks that it is a bit like a library, we go regularly and she chooses her books so she wants to do the same in a bookshop! Luckily, it is her birthday soon and Exclusives have their sale on so guess what she will be getting from the birthday fairies, yip, some books!

I can’t wait until she can read herself!

There are no hard and fast favourites at the moment, but some of her most read books are:

Charlie and Lola

Guess how much I love you

The Gruffalo

And one which is called Too Purply about a little girl finding the perfect outfit. She loves it and reads it over and over!

I can’t wait until she can read all the books that were my favourite as a child. I have already started a collection which include:

Gobbilino the witches cat- Ursula Moray Williams

The Magic Faraway Tree- Enid Blyton

The Family from One End Street – Eve Garret My absolute all time favourite

Mr God this is Anna – Finn  My absolute all time favourite(yes, I can have two all time faves!)

And then when she is older, some classics like Douglas Adams and Paul Gallico.

Oh, the joy that can be found in books is irreplaceable!

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3 Responses to “Bean in the Bookshop”

  1. Julia says:

    Ah…beautiful post. LOVE the pics of her reading.x

  2. The Graffalo is a huge favorite at our place too.

  3. Cathy says:

    I can say with experience that there is NOTHING as special as when your child learns to read… my son was just like your daughter (still is!) … loves to read the books in the book shops and usually asks if we can buy one or two. Now that he is reading himself it is so special everytime he finishes a book.. and he loves to share with me what he is reading…. Enjoy this experience – IT IS VERY SPECIAL.

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