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The Beautiful Creatures Series by Kim Garcia and Margaret Stohl

on April 9, 2013


I received Beautiful Redemption from Jean at Penguin Books Sa (Thanks Jean) but I couldn’t read it without reading the first three. I just can’t read the book at the end of the series, I need to read the whole bunch! So, I started with Beautiful Creatures and I enjoyed it. I found the beginning a little blah but it does get more interesting as you get into the story. What is it about?

Mortals, witches, dark castors, good and evil, superstitions and love, of course.

Ethan has been having dreams of a girl. When this girl arrives in his small town, it is love at first ‘not’ sight because this is the girl he has been dreaming of all these months. This is the story of their love. Of the differences between a mortal and a witch and the love between them. I have to admit to enjoying this series, I cant say that it had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation but it was definitely readable. I did find it a bit long winded and the love was a bit too teenagery intense for my personal liking  but it was what the main story was about. How Ethan and Lena manage to have a relationship that works.

In Beautiful Redemption, the last book in the series, *spoiler alert*

Ethan is dead and trying to find his way back to the Mortal world to be with Lena. This book I found a little too surreal and unbelievable, why should that be a problem for me I am not entirely sure as I read surreal and unbelievable books and enjoy them but I think it is because it was just slightly too saccharine for my tastes. I also think that the series would of worked better with three books instead of four. One other thing I didn’t really enjoy about the series was when Link was bitten by an incubus and changed into one himself, it was a bit too ‘oh well, we will just deal with that and not really worry about it all’ feel to it. Unlike in Cassandra Clare’s( Mortal Instrument) books where one of her characters get bitten by a vampire and changes, there was more realism to the concept. I mean if you were suddenly changed beyond belief would you just smile and go oh alrighty then??

Saying all of  that, it was an enjoyable read, not the best of the best but certainly something to while away the reading hours…

Have you read it, what did you think?

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