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Around Madagascar on my kayak – a review

on May 16, 2013

Riaan Manser does it again!

I am sure that he must have some sort of crazy in him in order to do these adventures! There is no way, you would find me kayaking around an island all by my lonesome…

but what an awesome book and story. The only thing that I can say negatively about it is that it just ends far to quickly! You get completely caught up in the adventure, this is truly armchair travel at its best, and before you know it, Riaan has made it to his finish point and the reader is left adrift.

So, what to tell you about this book? Firstly, if you enjoy true stories, adventure ones at that, then this is a must read. Secondly, he does what it says on the cover, goes around Madagascar on a Kayak and thirdly, Riaan’s writing is wonderful. Sucks you in and gushes you right back out at the end. The experiences that he has, some not so lekker and others awe inspiring really do just make you realise that most of us, like our creature comforts a little too much to go off adventuring like that;-)

I am very glad that I still have one more book of his left to read, Around Iceland on Inspiration. Thank goodness for that!

(Keep an eye out for an exclusive interview with the man himself..!)

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