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One page, two page, three page, book!

on November 12, 2009




…”They continued to pour in until 9 am. They had walked for miles to get here. It was cold and wet but they had braved the weather in their meager clothing and were coming, albeit a little nervously, in the hope of something better for their children. What a sight. About eighty thin, bedraggled children and mothers whose spirits should have been crushed by the circumstances, under which they lived, all joined together in our tiny half- finished church to sing and draw, listen to stories and play with puzzles. None of them had even held a crayon before let alone seen or held a book.” – Yvette Steytler

The Tristan Cullum Heart and Courage Foundation have also managed to raise some monies towards Bambelela, you can click on the link to see more about it.

Some of the books that we would like to purchase for the children of Bambelela –

9781843322245 97818433217989781843321804 9781843322924 9781843325802 9781843322252

These ones are available at Kalahari and range from R30 – R50. But, again, please do not hesitate to go through your own home for books which are no longer being read by your children. As long as they are in good readable condition, I’m sure the babies and children really wont mind where they have come from!

And another thank you to all of you who are being such super stars with The Book raiser, it looks like we may have 100 books yet!

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