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on June 15, 2011

Remember this post when we did the Book Drive for Bambelela Ministry School …?

Well, its time for another one and would love all the help that you are willing to give.

It turns out that the winner of  ‘Ants in the Big Onion’ is a journalist and on a book drive for a group of teens to adults in Newcastle. Nafisa is aiming to get a little library and book club going for this group of people in order to help them to read and become more literate. I, of course, believe that everyone should be able to read and if I can help, will help in making this a reality.

So, we are looking for books. The age group we are looking for is from teens to adults and if you have been looking for an excuse to clear out your bookshelves, here one is, presented to you on The Book Club platter. We don’t have much time as the book drive is running from the 7th June until the 30th June, and to be handed over on the 5th July so we really can use all the help we can get.

You can post any books that you have to:

P O Box 619

Or there is a collection point here:

Newcastle Express
51 Ayliff street

You also have the option to purchase books from Kalahari and send them to this address:

P O Box 619

How ever many books we manage to raise we get a special mention in the newspaper Newcastle Express, that Nafisa works at, and that would be like, totally awesome! So, come on Book Club readers, lets get some books out there. Are you in?

Leave a comment if want any more information or when you have gathered some books and posted them or if you just fancy leaving a comment;-)

The group we are aiming to help

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  1. alan says:

    I would like to donate some old books that we have but would need some details from the people running the scheme, please contact me on

  2. nafisa says:

    a huge thank you to Robyn for his assistance.people like you who strive to make a difference in the world are the true soldiers. once the articles have bee published i will put them up for all to read. i have also spoken to the group to give them feedback.thus far the response has been overwhelming and they are overjoyed and extremely touched that strangers could be so concerned and involved.once again-THANK YOU!

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