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GLBT Reading challenge

on March 17, 2010

woolfbuttonAs most of you know, I joined in the GLBT reading challenge for this year. I am doing the Lamda level which is to read 4 books.  So far, I have read one. I know you would think I could of managed more than one, considering we are officially almost  a quarter way through this year already. Ah well, it will happen… but back to what I read.

Michael Tolliver Lives – Armistead Maupin


I read ‘The Tales of the City’ books about 10 years ago and I loved them and this one, though not a continuation of it per se, Michael is one of the main characters from this series. He is no longer a young gay boy, but a man of 50 odd who has survived the AIDS pandemic.

It is a story told from this perspective.

I enjoyed it, though have to be honest and say that I did ‘skip’ the sex scenes. Not that I am a prude or anything, but I have still yet to find a book where I don’t cringe at the sex scenes. (Mind you, saying that, Anais Nin managed to write erotic fiction extremely well, hmm, maybe I should read her for this challenge..)

This book was an honest look and portrayal of someone who has survived AIDS while many haven’t. It was honest in its portrayal of someone finding love after all that has gone on before, and it was an honest portrayal of relationships.

I do recommend this book, it is an easy book to read, and Armistead Maupin delivers once again.

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