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Currently: June

on June 13, 2014

So Winter has arrived, with snow on the mountain and freezing mornings and evenings! We have had a couple of really nice warm days lately but some rainy days too. Winter for me is a time for hibernation, a time to stay warm and a time to try and get creative. To do inside things. Coffee, fires, soups and snuggles on the couches with movies.

But before we get to that point this is where I am currently:

Reading: Night Music by Jo Jo Moyes

Drinking: Seriously, way to much coffee! I bought a Nespresso machine and a milk frother, which means I have delicious coffee on tap;-) And two of my latest addictions? Espresso with a lindt ball inside, oh my! and the chocolate fat shake from The Real Meal Revolution. Try it, its goooood.

Eating: Nourishing and warming foods and trying to get my greens in

Feeling: hibernatory! With some inspiration thrown in for the studio. So much so, that I am going to be purchasing two new pieces of equipment! will be poor so I will be hibernating, its a win win;-)

Working: on our duet silks routine which is coming up in August. Trying to be brave enough to drop myself while hanging on only with my feet. AND our Winter Pilates Challenge at the studio whereby the clients have chosen a specific exercise to work on for the next two months aiming to see the difference between now and then within 8 weeks.

Loving: Finger gloves and scarfs!

Wanting: A really nice and warm and cosy and snuggly jersey. Cannot find any in any woman’s clothing stores, I think Im going to head into the men’s department and see what they have! Luckily, my sister, bless her! has found me one for a fraction of the price that I didn’t want to have to part with. Looking forward to getting cosy with it!

Craving: Sweetie pie cupcakes from Treat Patisserie. (Or a slice of my sisters decadent chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting!)

Investing: In a Wall Springs Unit for the studio AND reformer. So Exciting!

Enjoying: My daughter! She is such a beautiful little soul. Watching the children flourish in the Kiddie-lates classes, AND my adult clients too.

Woolies fingerless gloves, want? Yes please                                                        Pretty scarf from Poetry for these grey Winter days

What are you currently up to? Tell tell!

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3 Responses to “Currently: June”

  1. Pamela says:

    I am also addicted to coffee…. and drink way to much of it.

  2. It is always lovely to catch up with you Robyn…I also want to hibernate and wake up again come spring. xx

  3. Shayne says:

    I tried to comment on this about 100 times yesterday from my phone but it wouldn’t work.

    So am n ow on my pc.

    What did you think of Night Music? I wasn’t overly impressed. Easy but nothing read.

    Am loving boots, scarves and skinnies this winter. Def my go to look. Warm and cosy.

    Am also drinking a lot of coffee. Can you believe it. Loving milky coffee with the beans we get here in Stutt. Delish.

    Have no doubt you are going to rock your show. Just sad i cannot be there 🙁

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