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Christmas in July Book Swop

Its that time of year again!

 Middle of the year, hum drum, where we are all feeling in need of a little TLC, a little holiday and a little bit of spoiling. And this is where The Book Club Blog comes in…

The Christmas in July Book Swop!

What is it?

A book Swop with a difference whereby you sign up, get allocated a partner to swap with and then receive your gift in the post.

What needs to be in the swap?

One book, anything book related and a small gift. This is the half year mark and if you are feeling anything like me, a gift coming via the post, is just the sort of pick me up that will ‘pick you up’. The limit to the spend is R150.(You are welcome to spend a little more if you fancy, but there is no need to go overboard, the thought behind the gift is the main concern) Just enough to find a perfectly hand picked present and a second hand book and top it up with the postage costs.

When will it happen?

All sign ups need to be done by the 26 July, partners will be allocated by the 27th and gifts need to be sent out by the 3rd August giving us all a weeks grace to get it done.

This is not meant to be a stressful endeavor, just a fun one so I do hope you will all join in and feel the love this Winter.

Once you have signed up, you will be sent an email that needs to be completed and then returned to me by the 26th July at midnight by the very latest. This email will then be sent to the partner that will be assigned to you and vice versa so that your gifter will know what type of things you enjoy, books you like to read and if there is anything specific on your wish list.

What you need to do now?

Simply leave a comment in the comments section or email me and lets get this Christmas in July book swap on the go!

Please share the love by blogging about the swap, tweeting and face booking, lets get us all involved and put as many smiles on as many faces as we can! This is not an international give away but if any of you are willing to send internationally you can just let me know when you sign up and if there are enough of us willing to do that, then I will make it international.

You can read about our previous book swaps here and here.

PS. You do not need to have a blog in order to take part, but you do need a postal address!

So, whose in??

This swop is now closed.


Richer than Buffet by Jacques Magliolo

Do you ever wonder how traders can survive and prosper in a rapidly changing South African and global environment.

 Using the billionaire American investor Warren Buffett as an example, bestselling international author Jacques Magliolo illustrates cutting-edge trading strategies to succeed in today’s highly volatile and hostile global markets.


Richer than Buffett explains the differences between an investor and a day trader, the mental attitude required to trade, and the steps to follow to trade daily and to do so for a living. It outlines why day trading does not have to be complicated and sets out in simple, jargon-free language the few basic strategies, in combination with simple tools and day trading indicators that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Described as ‘Africa’s most successful trader’, Magliolo has been an investment and corporate strategist since 1990.

Jacques Magliolo is available to do events and to write articles for your publication.

His Wealth Portfolio website offers valuable advice for anyone interested in investing and trading.


Jacques Magliolo is the author of 12 financial books, including the bestsellingBecome Your Own StockbrokerThe Guerrilla Principle, Lore of the Global Traderand Master Trader. He is an associate of the JSE’s sponsors and designated advisors Arcay Moela and Merchantec Capital and sits on various corporate boards.


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Book Launch @ The Book Lounge 8th April

Date:            Monday, 8 April 2013

Time:            17h30 for 18h00

Venue:          The Book Lounge,

                   71 Roeland St,

                   Cape Town

RSVP:  or 021 462 2425


When her husband Amir abruptly leaves home, film editor Lucinda is left angry and puzzled. Where has Amir gone, and why? In the months before he left, Amir seemed troubled and preoccupied and their marriage had become strained and tense. Now Lucinda worries that his departure could be her fault. Soon afterwards, Lucinda is brutally assaulted in a knife attack, which throws her even more off balance.

 Searching for composure, she finds a distraction in assisting an older friend, Austrian film-maker Thomas, with a documentary he is making about an old mission station which is allegedly haunted. But the experience becomes an unnerving one for Lucinda who finds Thomas’s growing obsession with the story behind his film worrying. As tensions build, so does the underlying mood of constant menace, until Lucinda is confronted with a disturbing revelation.

 The Cutting Room is a thoughtful and provocative novel of loss and loneliness, longing and guilt, and the different ways in which people can be haunted.

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And the Valentine’s day Literary Blog Hop winner is…

Picture taken from here

ISA from CHASING QUILLS who will receive a copy of TheHundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared via Book Depository.


I will send you an email and if there is no response within three days I will choose another winner.

See you all in the next blog hop!


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Simply South African!




Since creating the original NoMU range of products in December 2000, Tracy Foulkes has continued to produce quality food products and concepts that are an honest and authentic reflection of what she needs in her own kitchen. Now with more than 87 months of distributing her much-loved Recipe Mailers, sharing her creativity and passion for the food that makes her tic, tracy has partnered with Penguin Books SA to produce another innovative first for South Africa – the NoMU Recipe Box

This RECIPE BOX is a place to store the recipes that you want to try, the ones you love those that are your own personal favorites and inspirations. Now Tracy can share her favorite pastime with you, inviting you to personalize, collect and swap RECIPE CARDS as she continues to create more delicious meals fit for any occasion, and any crowd. The NoMU Recipe Box is also a great gift idea for friends and family! The RECIPE BOX retails for R280.

We wanted something that would not get shelved. I was brought up in the sort of home where recipes were often personalised, hand-crafted and carefully collected. Each recipe represented a technique, a memory, a special way of creating something uniquely yours. To this day, this is still very much the way I like to cook, often changing and updating and revising my favourite foodie moments as I go along. This is why the NoMU Recipe Box suits my lifestyle perfectly, and I really hope it will suit yours too!” Tracy Foulkes


Tracy Foulkes is the creator and co-directer for NoMU Brands, a leading company in lifestyle and food product innovation. While the NoMU range of products is exported to 38 countries, Tracy’s primary focus is new product development. She runs NoMU in partnership with her husband and head of marketing, Paul Raphaely. Tracy and Paul live in Cape Town, with their two children, two dogs, a bond and a frustratingly long list of things they never seem to get to.


Add to your collection with the NoMU Recipe Card top-up packs. Each recipe pack contains eight colour-coded new Recipe Cards, with the first set available from February 2013.


Each Recipe Card top-up pack features a hidden Mystery Card. Collect all four color-coded Mystery Cards, send them in  to NoMU, and you could be the lucky winner of a SMEG free-standing cooker to the value of R20 000!


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And the winner is….

Before I announce the Winner of the Literary Blog Hop, I would like to say thank you to all of you who visited, commented, followed and liked. It has been awesome to read your comments, your book recommendations, which will be duly noted into a list and to discover new book blogs around the blogosphere.

So without further ado… The Winner of this Literary Blog Hop is Judith!   None other than our very own Hostess of The Blog Hop itself! It does somehow seem rather apt that you should win.

Judith, a copy of Karma Suture will be winging it’s way to you soon.

Congratulations and thanks for hopping! Here’s to the next time…

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Did you know?


(and do let us know your thoughts in the comments section)



London and New York – Pearson and Bertelsmann today announce an agreement to create the world’s leading consumer publishing organisation by combining Penguin and Random House.

The combination brings together two of the world’s leading English language publishers, with highly complementary skills and strengths. Random House is the leading English language publisher in the US and the UK, while Penguin is the world’s most famous publishing brand and has a strong presence in fast-growing developing markets. Both companies have a long history of publishing excellence, and both have been pioneers in the dramatic industry transformation towards digital publishing and bookselling….

…The two companies believe that the combination will create a highly successful new organisation, both creatively and commercially, with the breadth and investment capacity to deliver significant benefits. Readers will have access to a wider and more diverse range of frontlist and backlist content in multiple print and digital formats. Authors will gain a greater depth and breadth of service, from traditional frontlist publishing to innovative self-publishing, on a global basis. Employees of the new organisation will be part of the world’s first truly global consumer publishing company, committed to sustained editorial excellence and long-term investment in a rich diversity of content. And shareholders will benefit from participating in the consolidation of the consumer publishing industry without having to deploy additional capital.

The combination is subject to customary regulatory and other approvals, including merger control clearances, and is expected to complete in the second half of 2013.

…Marjorie Scardino, chief executive of Pearson, said: “Penguin is a successful, highly-respected and much-loved part of Pearson. This combination with Random House – a company with an almost perfect match of Penguin’s culture, standards and commitment to publishing excellence – will greatly enhance its fortunes and its opportunities. Together, the two publishers will be able to share a large part of their costs, to invest more for their author and reader constituencies and to be more adventurous in trying new models in this exciting, fast-moving world of digital books and digital readers.“

Thomas Rabe, chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann, said: “With this planned combination, Bertelsmann and Pearson create the best course for new growth for our world-renowned trade-book publishers, to enable them to publish even more effectively across traditional and emerging formats and distribution channels. It will build on our publishing tradition, offering an extraordinary diversity of publishing opportunities for authors, agents, booksellers, and readers, together with unequalled support and resources.”

John Makinson, Chairman and CEO of Penguin, said: “All of us who work in book publishing experience every day the breathtaking pace of change in our industry. The partnership that we are announcing today will position Penguin Random House at the forefront of that change. Our access to investment resources will allow us to take risks with new authors, to defend our creative and editorial independence, to publish the broadest range of books on the planet, and to do it all with the attention to quality that has always characterised both our great companies.”

Markus Dohle, Chairman & CEO of Random House, adds: “Our new company will bring together the publishing expertise, experience, and skill sets of two of the world’s most successful, enduring trade book publishers. In doing so, we will create a publishing home that gives employees, authors, agents, and booksellers access to unprecedented resources. I deeply believe that the support and services that we will be able to offer, coupled with the creative and editorial independence that we will continue to maintain, will benefit everyone in the book publishing environment, especially our passionate readers from today’s generation to the next.” 


So what do you think?  Do you think its a good move for the two publishing houses to join forces? I think that if they really are aiming to stay in the forefront of publishing by working together, awesome things could happen in regards the changing way in which we, as readers, read but staying true to the original paper format of books. Though, I guess, only time will tell how the partnership will proceed.

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Give away coming up

Yes, you read right! I have joined in The Literary Blog hop coming up at the end of October. But, I would love to know what type of books you would like to see as a give away. I could, of course, do the choosing myself, but I thought, well, it would be great to actually see what people want to read so your assistance will be required to help out and let me know…!

And while we are on the topic of what to read, who is keen to read the new JK Rowling book The Casual Vacancy?

I have a mixed feeling, the synopsis of the book doesn’t really appeal BUT this is the lady who gave us Harry Potter and I LOVED Harry Potter. Luckily I didn’t have to wait in queues to buy my copies when I bought them in the UK and I wouldn’t have to wait in a queue for the latest offering but to read it or not to read it that is the question.

You know what the answer is don’t you? Of course, I am going to read it!

And you?

Tell us in the comments what your thoughts are, and don’t forget to mention what you would love as a give away…


Book review – Peaches for Monsieur Le Cure -Joanne Harris

I have itching to read this book ever since I found it on the ‘new fiction’ shelves of Exclusive Books and I am glad to say that I now have.

Peaches is the third installment of the Chocolat series and just as enjoyable as both the first and the second novels. I would recommend reading Lollipop Shoes again, if you, like me read it ages ago. It would just re-immerse you in the lives of the characters. Though saying that, Peaches can almost be a stand alone book.

What is it about:

Four years have passed since The Lollipop Shoes. Vianne and Roux are still living in Paris on their houseboat-chocolaterie. Anouk is fifteen, on the cusp of young womanhood. Rosette is eight, facing challenges of her own. Then, on a changing summer wind, comes a letter from the dead, calling them back to Lansquenet…

But in eight years, Lansquenet has changed. The cobbled streets, the whitewashed church, the disused tanneries along the river – all are just as they always were. But in Les Marauds, a community of Moroccans has arisen, with women veiled in black, the scent of incense, spices, kif and mint tea, and facing the church, on the far side of the Tannes, a minaret….

This book tells the story of Vianne and how she goes back to Lansquenet and the changes she finds there. It also shares with us some of Vianne’s fears about her relationship with Roux and the change in her relationship with Monsier Le Cure. The difference I think between this story and the two before this, is that it shows us how Vianne is more connected to Lansquenet than what she thought and how though she vowed never to go back, she did and the calling for her to stay there is strong.

The cast of characters are strong and I think the story also contrasts the differences between two religions and how one needs to be more accepting of ones beliefs but yet shows us again how very similar we all are as humans.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more about Vianne and her family as they carry on travelling with the wind.

For more background info on the stories straight from the author herself, go here, makes for fascinating reading!

Also, if you would like to chat to Joanne Harris, she can be found at the Open Book Festival in Cape Town this weekend at The Fugard Theatre between 10h00 – 11h00.

I unfortunately won’t be able to make it, I take solace in the fact that I have met her once before at a book signing but if you go, do tell us all about it!

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Open Book Festival in Cape Town this weekend!

What is Open Book Festival?

Open Book Cape Town is an annual literary festival, the first of which happened in 2011. Round two will take place from the 20 – 24 September at the Fugard Theatre and The Book Lounge.

When Mervyn Sloman and Ben Williams started talking creating a festival, they had in mind around 60 literary events over 5 days featuring about 15 top international as well as some of the best South Africans writing today. Due to the incredible support Open Book received, that quickly grew into a festival with over 100 events, featuring almost 100 authors.

There are three major elements to the Open Book vision.

(1) A truly international festival that attracts top writers and an audience from around the world.

(2) A fantastic showcase of the best of South African writing.

(3) Making a significant and sustainable contribution to our future by building a love of reading and books among the youth of Cape Town.

(exerpt taken from here )

I have taken a look through the program and am excited to see that Lionel Shriver, Joanne Harris and Emily Gravatt are amongst many other  authors who will be at the event. Depending on work, I will be going to see who I can see this weekend!

For a full program of the festival, you can go here which will tell you all the details that you need to know. Who to see, where to see them and what time to see them!

Who rather tickles your fancy to meet?




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